TPF and Slimming Angels Partner Up!


Total Performance Fitness is excited to announce a new partnership with meal preparation and delivery service Slimming Angels. This new partnership will allow you to get the best of both worlds! With all your training needs from us here at Total Performance Fitness and nutrition supplied by Slimming Angels.

No matter what your goals are, Slimming Angels food delivery service caters for people wanting to get healthy and eat healthy without the hassle of planning, cooking, measuring, shopping and preparing food. They do it all for you! Delicious, mouth watering menus take inspiration from around the world.

TPF will be running exclusive offers via our website, facebook and twitter. Colin will also be posting updates and news about the meals as he shares his own Slimming Angels experience.

“With my busy schedule and training routine, Slimming Angels was able to provide me with fresh, nutritious meals that suited my needs and goals. Having the well balanced diet delivered right to my door was a huge benefit, now I am can focus on my own training and the training of my clients,” Colin Shields, TPF

Check out the Slimming Angles website, facebook and twitter below!

Slimming Angels Website



We both look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and nutritional goals!



Slimming Angels has a special offer for those training at TPF! Why not follow the link below and find out:

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